One More Thing: Apple’s New Approach to iPod “Generations”

Long-time Apple and Apple Store watchers may also note today that the company is taking a new approach to “generations” of its devices: it formally refers to the new iPod shuffle as “third generation” in its press release, and is continuing to offer the second generation shuffle through the Apple Store. This continues a trend started with Macs; “previous generation iMac models” are also shown as available from the Store right now.


Whether this is in recognition of the reality that its old products may still hold appeal to some customers, or just an attempt to clear out old inventory, you can decide for yourself. But what’s really interesting is that the only version of the second-gen shuffle available from the Apple Store is the 1GB model, still at the same prior $49 price, undiscounted even after today’s news. The prior $69 2GB model? Gone, as if it had never existed. Notably, however, you can get refurbished 2GBs from Apple’s refurbs store for $59, and refurbed 1GBs for $29.


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