Our New iPad Case Gallery, Designed For Your Convenience

imageWhether you’re on the “reserved it,” “want it,” or “maybe” list at this point, the iPad’s rolling into stores this week, and so are a huge bunch of new cases. The good news: we’ve gathered them all into a huge new iPad Case Gallery that lets you see all the options in a convenient visual form, rather than having to page through lists of names.

The bad news: most of the cases that will actually be available at the iPad’s launch will be sleeves—ones that aren’t form-fit to the iPad’s curves, because Apple didn’t provide dimensional drawings to case developers in time for the launch. Minute differences between the sizes of the Wi-Fi-only iPad and the iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G have left additional ambiguities as to whether certain cases will fit both models, making the pouch-like sleeve design a safer choice for companies in the iPad’s early roll-out stage. You’ll have to decide whether to buy something early on, or wait to make a purchase until later when the options are more numerous and diverse.

Enjoy the iPad Case Gallery, which will continue to grow as we approach the iPad’s launch date, and obviously continue to swell thereafter.

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