Our shrinkwrapped first-gen iPod

How many unopened, still-in-shrinkwrap first-generation iPods are out there?


Opened, used, and beaten up 1G iPods are still fetching a bit on eBay; we saw the price bounce up a bit around the holidays last year, and since a number have been disassembled and used for parts, the pool has continued to shrink. But this one – inside its original box, which of course bears no “5GB” description because there was no 10GB model yet – is a different story. We’re guessing that it’s pretty rare, especially given that Apple hadn’t even sold its first million iPods until after the third-generation model was introduced.

How does one find something like this? iLounge’s Jerrod H. spotted an ad on Craigslist and picked it up locally in Arizona for me. A former Apple employee had received the iPod as a gift and never opened it, which we’d have to assume wasn’t the typical response – but certainly a great boon for collectors such as us. Big thanks to Jerrod and the original owner for making this happen!

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