Passing on Paris & other notes

So, after some hand-wringing, we’ve decided to pass on attending Apple Expo Paris this year. Though it sounds like a number of new iPod accessories are going to premiere there – and a few innovative, interesting ones at that – some more pressing local concerns forced us to stay near home and watch that event from afar. On the bright side, Bob will be covering the smaller UK-based Mac Expo later that month, and likely seeing most of the same things, only a couple of weeks later.

Also – Cesar from ZuneInsider has confirmed the accuracy of the FCC filing showing Zune as a Toshiba-manufactured device, which explains the similarities between the device and Gigabeat S players. Of note: who supplies Apple with iPod hard drives? Correct – Toshiba. According to recent reports, Seagate apparently wants to take Toshiba’s business by supplying 60GB and 120GB iPod-ready drives; perhaps if its engineers have figured out the power consumption and other issues Apple is concerned with, it will get that opportunity.

And for those asking for more shots of Sake the Wonder Husky eating earphones, here’s one for you.

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