(Please Don’t) Mind the Gap

I don’t focus much on Mac product releases, but something about today’s new Mac Pro introduction surprised me:

(Please Don’t) Mind the Gap

That big new price gap between the iMac and Mac Pro—the one that used to be smaller, when the standard configuration of Mac Pro started at $2,499 as opposed to the $2,799 Apple upped it to today. Is Apple making room between the iMac and the Mac Pro for another Cube-like entry (which infamously shipped at $1,799 and $2,299 prices before seeing big, iPhone-style price cuts down to $1,499, then $1,299)? Or is the $1,000 stated price gap between the iMac and Mac Pro an illusion, due to Apple’s marketing of the 8-core Mac Pro as its “standard” model rather than focusing on the single still available 4-core model?

We’ll see when the Apple Store goes back up.

And at Macworld Expo next week.

Update: The Apple Store’s back, and completely de-emphasizing the now $2,299 four-core Mac Pro.

As Apple frequently offers BTO options at prices different from the traditional “good, better, best” ones, consider the jury still out on this one.