Repurposing Pink shuffles for Breast Cancer Promo

Repurposing Pink shuffles for Breast Cancer Promo 1

Have you heard about the “iPod Shuffle Special Edition for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation?”


An unannounced Target exclusive? Sort of. Found in Target’s retail stores, this oversized clear plastic package contains a $15 iTunes Gift Card, a pink iPod shuffle, and a note that U.S. Merchants—a company also known as “Diversified Re-Packaging”—is making a $25,000 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



The pink iPod shuffle—yes, the one that was discontinued earlier this month—and the iTunes Gift Card aren’t really “special edition” or charity-specific items, like Apple’s Product (RED) iPod shuffle, iPod nano, and iTunes cards, so there’s nothing about the items that makes them collectible. But it’s interesting to see how bundling (ahem, repackaging) can put an out-of-season iPod to good use, and still offer a real “deal” for buyers: thanks to the iTunes card, the $80 package is a $14 better value than just walking into an Apple Store and buying a new $79 iPod shuffle.

  1. Seems like a great idea. How about bundling the superseded blue shuffle together as a package and selling those to support prostate cancer research? The disease kills more people each year and always goes overlooked…

  2. Target consistently is sexist and ignore men’s testicular and prostate cancer. Men die of prostate cancer in great nembers. And if you live you typically are impotent and or incontenent.

  3. Yes but breast cancer pink is so much prettier and tugs at the heart strings more.

    Sad as it is a breast cancer display will sell far more than a prostate cancer one because of the promotion it has via things like Breast Cancer Awareness Week.

    It’s all retail metrics.

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