Shhhh… We’ve Soft-Launched the 2009 Buyers’ Guide!

Good evening, loyal Backstage readers.

The last month has been exhausting. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working very long hours to bring you the 2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide.

Now it’s here. The PC and Mac-ready versions are available right now, a little ahead of our official October 31 release date. Our special iPhone and iPod touch-formatted version is coming shortly, and will be linked from the same page.

You’ll find two shots of V-Moda’s never-before-seen Vibe II inside—one hidden later in the Guide—along with Griffin’s Navigate wired display remote for iPhones and iPods, and a ton of other really cool stuff. Literally thousands of rated products. Cool new features such as the Top 100 Apps + Games. Winners of those $5,300 in contest prizes. Just lots and lots to digest, all free of charge, as always.

We’ll make the formal announcement on the home page a little later, but we wanted to let you get an early taste of what we’ve been cooking up. Enjoy.

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