Speck’s SeeThru hard shell protects MacBook Pro (Updated)

If you’re wanting to add some protection and a new look to your MacBook Pro, check out the SeeThru hard case from Speck Products. The longtime iPod accessory maker says the two-piece case features an “easy snap-on design” and protects the MacBook Pro from scratches and dings. The SeeThru is made from polycarbonate plastic, comes in clear or translucent red, and allows access to all ports and the disc drive. The case will set you back $40.

Speck says a similar version is coming next month for the 13-inch MacBook.

Speck’s SeeThru hard shell protects MacBook Pro (Updated)

Updated: From iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz: Having used SeeThru now with a 15” MacBook Pro for several days, I have to say that I’m impressed – despite my initial concerns that the casing might trap heat and increase the already woeful issues my machine had with burning temperatures, it actually does the opposite: grooves on the bottom properly dissipate the heat and render the MBP capable of being used more comfortably on a bed. Speck’s design team also did a surprisingly good job of enhancing the computer’s aesthetic with the case, which has just enough accenting to bring out some of the nice details in the existing MBP shell – this is a good-looking enclosure.

There’s one and only one issue here in my mind: Apple markets the MBP as an inch-thick machine, and See-Thru basically chucks that out the window, turning my super-slim laptop into… well, a less slim, more non-Pro MacBook, but one that can actually be used on your lap.

If you’re open to that compromise, you shouldn’t wait to try one of the SeeThrus – they’re great.

Update 2 (Mar 2, 2007): Speck has recently released SeeThru for the 13” MacBook – it’s essentially the same as the prior version, only sized for the body and ports of the smaller MacBook. We received a sample in blue, and are posting a handful of pictures here for those interested. Find them by clicking on the article’s title above.