Spotted – Buy More iPods, Please

Noticed this sign at the Apple Store today: “Why stop at just one?”

Spotted – Buy More iPods, Please

It’s a maxim of marketing: “it’s easier to sell to your existing customer base than to acquire new customers.” Some have even quantified that statement, suggesting that it can cost five times more to get a new customer than to keep a current one. Hence, the sign above. Have an iPod? Buy another.

Maybe a few more. They’re colorful and cheap(-ish) now. Right?

As much as I’d rather see Apple expand the iPod user base than try to sell more iPods to current owners, nothing’s stopping the company from going after both current and new iPod users at the same time – it has the resources.

And if that means keeping devoted fans happy has become an Apple priority, even better. A sign like this is an inexpensive, simple way to put the “keep buying” message out publicly to current customers; it’ll be interesting to see if it works.