Just Mobile makes cool accessories from aluminum. It also makes cool accessories from plastic, but there’s something just a little scary about how adept its designers are when working with metal—it creates riffs on Apple designs that even Apple would like. So pardon us for our continued enthusiasm over this aluminum wand, which the company calls the Cooling Bar. We mentioned it as one of the only real standout products at Macworld Expo in January, found alongside a matching full-sized MacBook stand and an aluminum mousepad.

The idea here is obvious: MacBooks can run a little hot when they’re touching certain flat surfaces, and stand to benefit from a little elevation. Cooling Bar offers that elevation with style.


It’s a solid chunk of beautifully machined aluminum, featuring diamond-cut edges, triple black rubber rings to prevent metal-on-metal scratching, and flat gray rubber padding on the bottom to keep it from rolling around on a desk. In person, it was something that made us walk over to the Just Mobile stand on sight; the edges and color combination pair beautifully with the metal MacBooks.


On the left side, there’s a cable managing groove to hold your MagSafe connector in place when you’re not using your computer, which can be up to 15” in width (read: 15” MacBook Pro) before spilling over the Bar’s sides. And that’s pretty much it. Cooling Bar sells for $40, and as simple as it may be in concept, the look, feel, and finish all make it feel worthwhile if you’re concerned about fan noise or heat. Additional pictures can be seen by clicking on the title of this article.