Tell Us Your Thoughts on iPhone Fart and Boob Apps

Readers, we’d like to hear your thoughts.

It’s universally accepted that the App Store is roughly 90% junk and 10% worthwhile content. You already know that we focus mostly on the good 10% rather than the bad 90%. And until recently, it was rare that popular apps in the Store were also trashy. Yet over the last month, Apple’s decision to let a collection of “limited utility” applications into the App Store opened the floodgates: the resulting publicity first helped fart noise apps shoot up the charts, and now, with similar assistance, the latest chart toppers are girl ogling apps: a 3-D model of a girl called “iGirl – Never Says No,” the wallpaper app “Bikini Blast” that features photos of “cougars and milfs,” and “Wobble Her Bikini,” which iets you add 3-D animated jiggling parts to 2-D photos. The latter one is, as of this moment, the #1 app in Apple’s Japanese App Store. Seriously.

Since our inception, iLounge has been a family-friendly site. We see and salute developers who are working hard to make games, programs, and content that really elevate the iPhone OS as a platform, but there’s no doubt that fart and boob apps are of interest to some people, too. So we want to know what you think. Should we give a little attention to these apps anyway, either in news or reviews, despite the fact that neither Steve Jobs nor Phil Schiller would ever get up on stage to salute them as their top-selling applications? Or should we ignore them despite their popularity? Your thoughts are appreciated.

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