Thanks For The Enthusiastic Response To The CES 2010 Pavilion!

Yesterday’s announcement of the dedicated iPod and iPhone pavilion at the 2010 International CES was, as expected, a big hit with the community. How big? Shortly after the announcement, the CEA let us know that vendors were making contact at a rate of more than 1 per minute—a staggering pace. It’s overwhelmed with requests and apparently, after only a day, the space is mostly spoken for. In CEA’s words, “this is huge!”

We were glad to hear that news. But we were especially happy to see energized and enthusiastic e-mails from members of the iPod and iPhone development community. As just a brief sampling:

“We are very excited you guys took the bull by the horns and made this happen! Thanks!”

“I have been on your list that receives the e-mails and really appreciate the effort you personally have extended.”

“Amazing how you spearheaded this and made it happen so quickly… great job!”

Thanks to all of you, too. It’s great to see so many people excited to be coming together for this!

Thanks also (alphabetically) to Engadget, Gearlog, MacBlogz, MacDailyNews, MacNN, MacsimumNewsPC Magazine, The Register, TUAW, VentureBeat and others for noting the announcement!

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