The $300 Bribe, Or, On How Not To Get An App Featured On iLounge (Updated)

It’s going to be very, very interesting to see where stories for this particular application wind up—we’ve omitted the name and related details so that no press is given to this title.

“Hi there,

I’m [omitted] of [omitted], creator [omitted].

I’m developing the new version of [omitted] ([omitted] 2).

In order to promote my new version, I’d like to sell some more copies of the original [omitted] and spread the word of our upcoming application.

I’m willing to pay 300$ (USD) if you’ll write an article about [omitted] where you’ll mention about an upcoming version ([omitted] 2).
I’ll be able to pay you right after the article is published and you sent me a link – please include your paypal email

Let me know what you think

Thanks in advance,


The e-mail was sent to multiple members of our staff. We’ve already seen a story on it appear elsewhere. It’s not coming anywhere near iLounge.

Updated: Far from being shamed by an e-mail chiding him for trying to offer money for coverage, the developer increased his offer to $500.

Updated, Again: The developer is the creator of “Wobble.” You can see his subsequent attempts to offer cash for coverage here.

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