The iPhone Baby Arrives: Introducing Madeline Mirai Horwitz

The iPhone Baby Arrives: Introducing Madeline Mirai Horwitz 1

Yesterday, at 3:23PM ET, we welcomed Madeline Mirai Horwitz into the world. Weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces, and measuring 20 3/4” long, Madeline is the little girl whose pre-natal days were chronicled in The iPhone Baby. The feature article is especially fun to look back on at this point; yes, we did use the iPhone as a stopwatch, and sent her first pictures via the hospital’s Wi-Fi and its camera.


Special thanks to our readers and those in the industry who have asked about the baby; Madeline and mom are both doing great. No gifts, please, as we cannot accept them—she’s apparently not old enough yet to sign up for an AT&T contract—but the thought is appreciated.

  1. mazeltov 🙂 though if she’d arrived a few days later she really would have been an iPhone baby (well 3G version!!)

  2. Congratulations Horwitz family! And, through a peculiar quirk of fate, I happen to know that Mirai is Japanese for “the future.” A particularly apt middle name for the iPhone baby.

  3. Congratulations!! It is the best thing in the world isn’t it? We just had our “little guy” in May and it gets better everyday. The sleep part sucks, but enjoy every minute of it……….MADDIE RULES!!

  4. Awee she’s so sweet ! Welcome to existence Madeline, may God’s and my blessings always be with you ! I’d have perhaps gone berserk if I had a baby *and* an iPhone 3G the same day. But look at her, she came to this world alone, and like everyone else, she’ll go back alone. iPhones and everything else materialistically nice would stay back on earth. Its a beautiful lesson for mankind !

  5. I just welcomed my 2nd child (but first since I got my 1st gen iPhone) and my iPhone was also amazing helpful in sharing the good news…taking pictures to post to a web gallery and sending a precomposed email to my friends within minutes after she was born. And the best part was that my wife didn’t even get mad at me for using it!

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