The Microsoft Store, in Slides

The Microsoft Store, in Slides 1

People are reporting a rumor that Microsoft wants its own retail Apple-style stores as if it might actually happen. We doubt it, but since it’s a slow Friday, we thought we’d take a stab at how the internal Microsoft executive presentation might go.


There probably should be a snack bar in there, too. It could happen.

  1. These actually used to exist. At least there was one in San Francisco at the Sony Metreon. Now it just has various tech stuff.

  2. A Microsoft retail store would be the very definition of “Epic Fail”. Vista and Zune aren’t selling now. How would a retail presence help? Microsoft has no intriguing products, and that’s the whole problem.

  3. I would have thought the lights would switch on and off until you enter the MicrosoftStore Genuine Advantage (MGA) barcodes you received after you paid your $20 to enter the store.

    The kicker would be you would have to keep re entering the codes at irregular intervals, just so you can remember how much of an ‘advantage’ you are getting… 😀

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