TiVo stages comeback with DirecTV, Echostar wins

Good news for those who have been wondering about TiVo’s prospects going forward: right on the heels of an agreement the company just reached with DirecTV to continue providing TiVo-licensed services to the company’s 2 million existing DirecTiVo customers for 3 years, TiVo has just won a major patent infringement lawsuit against EchoStar relating to its simultaneous recording and playback technologies. While the revenue impact of the DirectTV deal isn’t known, the Echostar award is presently set at $73 million – and right about now, other infringers are most likely getting ready to open their wallets, as well.

The TiVo deal oft-mentioned on Backstage expires 2 days from now, so if you’re looking to get both the Lifetime Service and hardware at a very reasonable price, read this article now, before it’s too late. Circuit City has them for $69 (80-Hour) right now for local pickup; an Amazon order at the same $69 price would probably take too long to deliver for you to take advantage of “the deal.” Otherwise, the company’s still offering monthly subscriptions (now including hardware without any up-front cost) for $16.95 and up; additional details are inside, and your referrals are still very much appreciated.

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