Tomorrow, Dreams Come True

Think about the last few Apple Events: they’ve been good, and they’ve produced some really popular iPods, but they haven’t been “great.” Like “that’s exactly the iPod I’ve been waiting for, forever” sort of great, or “that’s exactly the announcement I’ve wanted Apple to make” sort of great. Note up front that iLounge has never hyped these events, either.

Tomorrow, Dreams Come True

I seriously believe tomorrow is going to be different.

I think it’s going to be the day when iPod die-hards, technology geeks, and mainstreamers alike are all going to be genuinely excited by what Apple is going to show. In short, if the release of the iPod mini signaled the start of Apple’s dominance of the digital music player business, and the nano and 5G signaled the end for most of its small competitors and beginning of its video initiative, tomorrow is going to be the final nail in the coffin for Microsoft, Sony, and the bigger players as well. Yes, even with their recent announcements.

The only people who will be upset are those who aren’t already on the bandwagon, or the few who (sorry, NBC) jumped off early and got hit by it.

There will be questions, of course, and we’ll do our best to answer them once the event is over, but as the clock ticks down, I have one piece of advice: no matter who you are, get your wallet ready. Dreams are about to come true.