Tweets On The Next iPad (And More)

I haven’t really publicized my individual Twitter account (@horwitz) in the past, because I was focusing my limited Twitter time on restaurant coverage and food-related topics—another passion. But now that I’m regularly tweeting from @horwitz, there’s actually a good reason for Apple fans to follow that account. And if I can, I’ll answer questions there from time to time.

Here’s a bit of what just appeared on Twitter—join me there for the rest of the discussion!

  1. A few next-gen iPad notes, ahead of the show. Both cameras are getting upgrades. Front goes HD, rear becomes iPhone 4/4S-like (bigger).
  2. Body of the next iPad is, as we previously reported, getting just a little thicker to accommodate new parts – little = 1mm give or take.
  3. Curve radiuses on the body will change only a little to accommodate the added thickness, not dramatically.

    Think iPad 2 Pro, not a redesign.

  4. Looks likely that iPad 2 will stick around at lower price point, say $399, and next iPad with high-def screen + cameras will sit atop it.
  5. Incidentally, our source believes that the next iPad’s rear camera will be the same as iPhone 4S’s, b/c camera hole is very similar.
  6. If Apple is in fact moving the front camera to FaceTime HD, calls from the next iPad to current Macs + vice-versa will look _much_ better.
  7. Source thinks date will be similar to iPad 2’s. Correctly says a January launch (never likely) would anger holiday 2011 iPad 2 recipients.

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