Video: Why a Waterproof iPod nano 5G Case Is Cool For Movie Makers

One of the relatively underappreciated features of the fifth-generation iPod nano is its collection of realtime video filters—overlays, color and lens distorters, plus other neat little tricks that enable the device’s camera to create more than just vanilla video imagery. Now pair those filters with H2O Audio’s Capture case, the first waterproof case for the new nano, and the only way we’re aware of to use the camera of any iPod or iPhone while underwater, and you have something that could never be done quite so easily before.

iPod nano 5G Video with H2O Audio Underwater Capture Case from iLounge on Vimeo.

Total time to create this video after putting the nano in the case: 30 seconds. Ready to go and share, except that we pulled the audio portion out because the sound of a showerhead hitting a plastic case for 20 seconds isn’t fun to hear. It’s actually sort of amazing that audio gets recorded at all when the nano’s in a case like this—snorkelers, surfers, and pretty much anyone interested in, uh, filming in the shower could find an interesting use for this. Hopefully a safe one.

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