Every time we release a new downloadable publication, we like to give our loyal Backstage readers the first opportunity to get their hands on it. So here it is in advance of the official announcement—the iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide, the sequel to our million-plus-downloaded iPad Buyers’ Guide!


Regardless of whether you have an iPad or iPad 2, you’ll find plenty of great stuff inside. The Buyers’ Guide contains our editors’ top picks across every product category—everything to the best iPad models to the best cases, speakers, apps, and games, all in one place. We’re not afraid to tell it to you straight, so if there’s a reason to prefer one product over the next, we say so, and if there are a bunch of good options, you’ll see all of their pictures, prices, and descriptions together.

As always, two versions are available—please download only one. For PC and Mac users with 15” or larger screens, we recommend the two-page spread, magazine-style version. Reading on a smaller screened device, such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch? We strongly recommend the single-page version and Apple’s free iBooks app, which works great with the book even on a second-gen iPod touch. Mac and PC users can use Apple’s Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader. The iPad 2 Buyers’ Guide is, as always, completely free of charge. Enjoy it!