LifeProof, Onanoff + ZeroChroma

Also seen in the iProducts Marketplace at CES were new products from LifeProof, Onanoff, and Zerochroma. LifeProof introduced a waterproof battery case, Onanoff revealed a speaker made for iPad Air, while ZeroChroma unveiled the latest accessory for its Folio-Slide case.

LifeProof’s Frē Power ($130) for iPhone 6 is a waterproof 2600 mAh battery case that can be submersible up to 6.6 feet. It will be released later this year. The company will also be releasing its Nüüd case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and Frē for iPhone 6.

LifeProof, Onanoff + ZeroChroma
LifeProof also introduced its LifeActiv mounting system. A mounting plate allows an iPhone to attach to a number of different mounts, ranging from $20-$50 in price. The system should hit the market in the second quarter.

LifeProof, Onanoff + ZeroChroma
Onanoff’s Sound Cover ($200) is a case for the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. It can be removed from the iPad and then set up to play music. Sound Cover gets up to 15 hours of play time before recharging, and it should be released this month.

LifeProof, Onanoff + ZeroChroma
ZeroChroma’s Folio-Slide case, which fits the iPad Air 2 as well as the iPad Air, can now come in a package with ZeroChroma’s new Keyboard Lid. It’s a thin Bluetooth keyboard that attaches to the Folio-Slide’s open slot, much like ZeroChroma’s other recent accessories, creating a whole ecosystem. The case/keyboard package should hit stores in late February for $100.

LifeProof, Onanoff + ZeroChroma
ZeroChroma also unveiled its Strap Stands — pieces of fabric that will go over the back of its stand, allowing users to hold cases with just a few fingers. The fabric straps are still in development, so there’s no pricing at this time. We also received the company’s Vario Protect ($40) case for iPhone 6 Plus; it’s available now and we’ll have a review in the near future.

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