InCarBite, Marshall/Urbanears + Peri

We came across a few more interesting new products as we continued to explore the 2015 CES, including a new speaker and battery case combo for the iPhone, a really solid in-car headrest mounting system for your iPad, and new headphones from Marshall and Urbanears.

InCarBite’s iPad Case and Seat Mount ($80) is an extremely sturdy and durable headrest mounting solution, combined with a rugged iPad case. The case includes a fold-down hinge that doubles as a handle, as it’s used to dock into a headrest-mounted base. At a basic level, the docking system simply holds the iPad in place, but it can also carry power and audio to the base for charging and listening through the car’s audio system.

InCarBite, Marshall/Urbanears + Peri
Marshall’s new Major II headphones ($120) are a follow-up to the company’s earlier Major on-ear headphones, providing noticeably improved overall sound quality — deeper basses and crisper highs — in an attractive package that reflects Marshall’s classic design style. They’re expected to be available in February.

InCarBite, Marshall/Urbanears + Peri
Urban Ears’ first wireless headphones, the Plattan ADV Wireless ($100), provide a unique touch control feature that allows users to control their music with taps and swipes on the side of the headphones. There’s also a port for connecting a friend’s headphones for sharing your music, and a removable washable headband. The headphones are expected to be available in June.

InCarBite, Marshall/Urbanears + Peri
The Peri Duo ($100) is a combination speaker and battery case for iPhone 6 that provides 2500 mAh of charging power and a set of Bluetooth speakers. The Duo also adds a unique Wi-Fi multicast feature that allows you to stream to multiple sets — up to 64 speakers — so you can get together with your friends and stream your jams with the collective.

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