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Bluetooth headset maker Blueant has upgraded its well-received Q2 headset to Q3 ($99), making it lighter, improving its audio quality, and adding Siri and Google voice search capabilities. In a meeting room at CES 2013, the company showed off the slightly different styling on the Q3, along with some packaging that’s still under consideration.

Blueant’s Q3 headset on display at the 2013 CES. It’s due in March.

Top side view of Blueant’s Bluetooth Q3. The command button and the weighting and coloration of the unit are different from the Q2.

Bottom view of Blueant’s Bluetooth Q3 Bluetooth headset.

Top view of the Blueant Q3 heaset. The volume rocker at the very top has changed from the Q2, with more of a toggle operation.

  1. I got the Q3 about 2 weeks or so ago and have had nothing but issues with it. I have had other models and had great experiences with it. Apparently they are having issues with it working with the iPhone 5. I get static and feedback during calls, several times it has started to beep very loudly (the people I am speaking with can’t hear the beeping or static). So much so I have to shut it off in order to even hold a conversation. Initially I was told the unit had to be replaced and to wait a week. A week goes by, I call in and I’m told it’s actually a firmware issue and I need to wait 3 weeks to possibly be able to use it. The crazy thing is my Q2 and Jawbone Era all seem to work fine with the iPhone 5… Thought I’d let you know. If you plan on purchasing this be careful and don’t expect any help whatsoever from their “Customer Support”…. I put it in quotes because it’s actually nothing of the sort.

  2. I ran into a similar experience only it works for about 3-5 minutes, and then you hear a click like you touched a number Key on the Iphone 5, and the speaker goes dead. Ironically, the mic is still working but you can’t hear the caller. I was told it was an Iphone issue which is not true as my phone works very well with my backup Jawbone earpiece. I think Blueant has an issue, and no solution.

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