Bluetooth headset maker Blueant has upgraded its well-received Q2 headset to Q3 ($99), making it lighter, improving its audio quality, and adding Siri and Google voice search capabilities. In a meeting room at CES 2013, the company showed off the slightly different styling on the Q3, along with some packaging that’s still under consideration.

Blueant’s Q3 headset on display at the 2013 CES. It’s due in March.

Top side view of Blueant’s Bluetooth Q3. The command button and the weighting and coloration of the unit are different from the Q2.

Bottom view of Blueant’s Bluetooth Q3 Bluetooth headset.

Top view of the Blueant Q3 heaset. The volume rocker at the very top has changed from the Q2, with more of a toggle operation.

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