Cobra Electronics is known for its communication devices, including radar detectors, GPS devices, and more. At this year’s CES, it’s showing off new products including an advanced version of its personal vehicle radar detector and an affordable Bluetooth speaker adapter.

Cobra Electronics

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The Cobra Electronics booth at CES 2013.

Cobra Electronics
Cobra iRadar S-Series ($300) differs from previous radar detectors from the company in that it’s designed to be mounted under the hood of the car, away from the eyes of police and potential thieves alike. There’s a Bluetooth interface that enables it to connect to your iPhone, relying on the same app as previous devices to enable users to submit information about speed trap and other radar situations.

Cobra Electronics
Although it’s not the first 3.5mm audio-to-Bluetooth wireless audio adapter we’ve seen, Cobra AirWave ($40) is unique in that it packs a battery, allowing it to be used away from a power source for up to 12 hours. Cobra Electronics packs in the necessary cables, including a line-in audio cable and Micro-USB cord for charging.

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