DPI / iLive

DPI/iLive showed a selection of speakers and audio options, including a line of wireless, indoor/outdoor speakers and several tower and speaker bar options that all operate via Bluetooth. Company representatives said DPI is making an effort to get away from Apple’s Lightning connector, which is claimed to limit products’ distribution potential. A wireless pin adaptor with 10 hours of battery life and a USB charger allows users with Lightning devices to use their old Dock Connector speakers and docks without updating all of their entertainment devices.

The majority of DPI’s new speaker options are Bluetooth-capable, and range in style from modern to vintage.

DPI / iLive
The wireless adapter has 10 hours of battery life and will retail for $30.

DPI / iLive
Using the adapter enables buyers to keep their current stereos, speakers and other home audio systems, even with an iPhone 5.

DPI / iLive
Although DPI expressed an effort to get away from Lightning docks, a small selection of its new tower, bar and counter speakers did have Lightning, although DPI said that Bluetooth is now its preferred connectivity standard.

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