Dropcam has shown off its new iOS Wi-Fi camera. Designed to be a “drop-in” solution—hence the name—the $149 Dropcam can be easily configured to connect to just about any standard home Wi-Fi network and will stream 720p HD video via Dropcam’s own online service. The basic live streaming service is included with the purchase of the camera unit, and the company offers the ability to save “PVR” recorded video for $10/month for 7 days or $30/month for 30 days of saved video recordings. Multiple cameras are supported with a 50% discount on the monthly recording subscription for additional cameras.

The Dropcam unit sells for $149 and can be configured from a Mac or PC, after which you simply connect to the Internet via most home routers for streaming video to an iOS device anywhere.

The free universal iOS Dropcam app provides support for monitoring multiple Dropcam cameras and playing back recorded video streamed from Dropcam’s servers.

The Dropcam app also provides the ability to stream recorded video with a focus on marking motion events within the video, allowing the user to easily locate relevant sections for playback. Recording requires a minimum $10/month subscription for each device which allows the user to store up to 7 days of recorded video.

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