Related to speaker developer Soundfreaq by virtue of sharing the same creative director, newer brand G-Project brought some unique speakers to the 2013 CES. Thus far, the company’s products are all very affordable, with design touches that can best be summarized as “modern urban with a hint of rebellion.”

G-Boom ($100) is a new boombox in the G-Project line featuring a rechargeable battery, wireless streaming, and two carrying options: a heavy-duty handle and an armstrap.


It should be available sometime from February to April, and is a pretty cool value-priced boombox.

G-Pop ($40) and G-Zip ($20) are grenade-shaped miniature speakers — the G-Pop features wireless streaming, while the G-Zip is strictly line-in.

Offered in multiple colors, the speakers can be attached easily to a bag, and are expected to be released sometime from February through April.