Henge Docks

Henge Docks has focused its business on Mac docking stations in the past, but now it’s expanding out into iOS device docks as well. Its Gravitas Dock for iPhone, iPad, and iPod is substantial—it weighs almost a kilogram.

Henge Docks’ booth at the 2013 International CES.

Henge Docks
Gravitas will be available in both 30-pin Dock Connector and Lightning variants, with inserts for whichever size device you have.

Henge Docks
Henge’s new horizontal MacBook docking stations add a large collection of ports to the back of current laptops: a $249 version expands FireWire and USB ports, while a $349 version adds ThunderBolt ports as well. Up to three external displays can be connected, along with two audio devices, six USB 3.0 devices, Ethernet, SD Cards, one FireWire 800 device, and wall power. A Kensington lock port is in the middle, as well.

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