Identity Games

Identity Games has a license to make an iOS-based singing competition game based on The Voice, which is being shown at the 2013 CES. A four-podium booth is centered around the Verzis multi-player game controller, which connects by Bluetooth to an iPhone or iPad and will provide 10 family-focused games. Representatives showed The Voice, as well as a shoot-and-sail ship race game, and a global trivia quiz game under license from Lonely Planet. No pricing or release dates have been finalized. Notably, Identity Games focused on a iPad-based game development tool at CES 2012.

Identity Games’ booth at CES 2013, offering many multi-player setups for their Verzis game pack.

Identity Games
The Verzis game pad in action, showing the three games on offer from Identity Games. The iPad is connected by Bluetooth, but has a place to rest and display.

Identity Games
The sailing race game in the Verzis pack at Identity Games’ 2013 CES display.

Identity Games
The Verzis game pack bundle from Identity Games, as shown at the 2013 CES. The bundle will eventually offer 10 games.

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