iHealth Labs

iHealth Labs introduced a number of new products this year, expanding the company’s lineup of iOS accessories for monitoring health and fitness with a blood glucose monitor and a pulse oximeter. It also showed a variety of different baby monitoring cameras and related accessories.

iHealth Labs’ booth at the 2013 International CES.

iHealth Labs
The iHealth Pulse Oximeter attaches to the user’s finger and displays a readout of pulse rate and blood oxygenation level on a built-in LCD display while also wirelessly relaying the information to a companion iOS app.

iHealth Labs
iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System is designed to allow users with conditions such as diabetes to easily monitor their blood glucose levels and record information and trends in the accompanying iOS app. The meter can store up to 500 test results on-board for later transmission to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

iHealth Labs
The accompanying glucose monitoring app also allows users to visualize glucose level trends over time and automatically track test strip expiration dates.

iHealth Labs
iHealth’s Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a battery-powered blood pressure cuff, paired with a simple app for checking and recording levels over time.

iHealth Labs
The iBaby HeartSense is an egg-shaped, USB-powered fetal Doppler unit that separates into two halves: the top piece comes off and goes onto a pregnant woman’s stomach, amplifying the unborn child’s heartbeat. An iOS app can record and share the sounds.

  • iHealth Labs
    As a second version of the company’s original iBaby Monitor (now called M3), the new iBaby Monitor – M2 sports a rechargeable battery and donut-shaped design that enables users to change its angle on an included charging base. It can now be removed from the base and placed in your choice of locations; two-way audio for communication with a baby is accomplished via an integrated speaker and microphone.

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