Rather than focusing its efforts on a single category of accessories, iLuv makes everything from speakers and headphones to iPhone cases and now—quite interestingly—business solutions, including a new iPad-charging safe. (additional reporting and photography by Lizz Schumer)

iLuv’s booth featured its usual line-up of speakers, as well as iPhone, iPad and iPad mini cases and accessories.

iMM547 Aud 5 ($150) is a Lightning-equipped speaker promising compatibility with the iPhone 5, iPod nano 7G, iPod touch 5G, and iPad mini, without any guarantees on the full-sized iPad. Rather than include wireless capabilities, iLuv chose to stick with a purely docking connection.

iCK840 Chairman Folio ($150) is a substantial keyboard and case solution for the second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPads. The tablet slips into a frame on the right side, covered by a keyboard that slides into typing position when needed. Multiple pockets inside the front cover allow users to carry business cards, styluses, and other accessories.

Aimed at businesses and educational institutions, the new iAD910 MultiCharger-X ($800) is a 10-bay charging and syncing station for iPads. Up to three units can be daisy-chained together, allowing users to connect up to 30 tablets. It’s lockable, and optional wheels are available for easy transport.

Available in a wide selection of bright colors, iHP635 ReF On-Ear Headphones ($129) sound pretty good for the price. They’re driven by titanium diaphragm speakers, and are covered in canvas.

iLuv calls this new iPad mini case “ideal for gamers.” It includes thicker end grips for use as a gaming device, and is also able to stand upright without an exterior stand.

  • iLuv
    The iPad mini case comes in a variety of colors. It is dual-layered, so those colors can be mixed and matched to suit the user’s preference.

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