Imation / XtremeMac

Imation, parent company of XtremeMac, is showing off a number of new iPhone and iPad accessories. In addition to new cases, it premiered an updated version of the InCharge multi-device charging base and a pair of speakers.

Shockwave Case for iPhone 5 ($35) is XtremeMac’s answer to OtterBox’s Commuter Series Case, designed to offer superior protection without a lot of extra bulk. The two-piece plastic case includes integrated screen protection, full button coverage, and air channels along the back. It’s expected to ship this spring.

Imation / XtremeMac
Shown last year as Slice, this two-piece slider case for iPhone 5 has been renamed Slide ($30). Instead of splitting apart at the bottom, this one opens along the vertical axis. Multiple design patterns will be available, and each set will come with a pair of the narrower piece, allowing users to swap at will.

Imation / XtremeMac
Already available for the iPod touch, Tuffwrap Play was announced for iPad mini ($50). Rather than rubber, it’s made of a foam material. Handgrips on the back are designed for more comfortable gaming, but also can be used as a stand. To enhance video viewing, the audio is ported out to the front from the speakers.

Imation / XtremeMac
Compared to the large number of simple iPad shells with handles attached to the back, The Grip ($70) is a bit more impressive as it’s a proper playthrough-style case. Still in the prototype stage, it features an adjustable Velcro handstrap on the back that rotates 360 degrees, as well as a tripod mount underneath that. It’s heavily aimed at educational and business users.

Imation / XtremeMac
At least year’s CES, XtremeMac’s Dock Connector-equipped InCharge X3 and X5 chargers won one of our Best of Show Awards, but unfortunately shipped right before the switchover to the Lightning plug. Scheduled for the second quarter of this year, the X1, X2, X3, and X4 are made to be device agnostic thanks to swappable cord holders — no cable or plugs are included though.

Imation / XtremeMac
Offering 360 degree audio performance and Bluetooth connectivity, Soma 360 ($250) is a premium cube-shaped speaker from the company. Each corner has an active driver, offering consistent sound on all sides of the speaker. A six-hour battery is packed in, and the unit is IP3 splash-resistant. Soma 360 will ship and black and silver variants.

  • Imation / XtremeMac
    Sound Wall Speaker ($150) is one of the more unique speakers we’ve seen so far at the show. Unlike most speakers, it’s not designed to sit on a table or other flat surface; rather it plugs directly into an outlet, hanging on the wall, similar to a recent JBL speaker release. Available in black or white, it makes a lot of sense in the kitchen, among other places.

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