Originally known for basic mobile phone cases before focusing on early iPhone designs, Incipio has become a case design powerhouse—a expert in creating polished iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac cases, as well as bags and basic electronic accessories. The company’s OffGrid Pro battery case for iPhone 4/4S wowed us at the 2012 CES, and this year the company is debuting several new iPhone 5 OffGrid designs, along with new iPad cases, Mac bags, and even a portable speaker system.

Cashwrap ($60) is a mobile wallet for the iPhone 5 featuring an NFC chip and secure micro SD card. The case pairs with an Isis-developed app, enabling you to reduce the number of physical credit cards you’re carrying around by virtualizing them. It will be released this spring.

Incipio’s unnamed digital tape measure iPhone 5 case has a removable target — the iPhone’s camera will measure the distance from the target in real time, from an expected distance of up to 20 feet. No pricing or release date have yet been announced.

The Atlas iPhone 5 case ($90) is waterproof to depths of two meters for up to one hour. It covers the screen with tempered glass for perfect touch sensitivity during protection, and comes with a device warranty that allows one full replacement due to a water-related claim. It will be released in February.

OffGrid ($90) and OffGrid Pro ($100) for iPhone 5 are the newest versions of Incipio’s iPhone 4/4S battery case. The OffGrid comes with a built-in 2500 mAh battery, while the Pro includes two replaceable 2000mAh batteries and an extra charger — uniquely capable of holding both batteries and doubling as a standalone battery pack.

Three versions of the new Powerbank battery pack were shown — 6000 mAh, 4000 mAh, and 3000 mAh versions. Each features a glossy top black surface and a silver aluminum base; they will each ship with a micro USB cable. No pricing or availability was released.

The Dual Auto Charger is a 3.4 total Amp Lightning charger, combining a permanently connected 2.4-Amp Lightning cable with an extra 1-Amp USB port for car charging. No pricing or availability was announced.

  • Incipio
    The OffGrid cradle ($30) ties into the OffGrid ecosystem — it’s a charging station for OffGrid-equipped devices, and will charge batteries in an attractive orientation.

  • Incipio
    An as-yet-unnamed Bluetooth speaker was also shown. Estimated at $250, this audio system will use a unique transducer to produce constant high-volume sound at long distances. Incipio claims 20 hours of playtime on one charge of the 4000mAh internal battery. Though the speaker we saw had a triangular shape with aluminum on the side and a silicone rubber covering, the design is subject to change.

    xGo ($100) is Incipio’s action sport iPhone 5 case, deliberately designed to work with the popular GoPro line of mounts and accessories, and considerably less expensive than Mophie’s iPhone 4/4S version OutRide. Waterproof to 25-foot depths, xGo includes wide angle, fish eye, macro and zoom lenses, with multiple color options.

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