iPhone 5 Battery Cases

Apple’s shift to the Lightning connector made new battery pack-equipped cases necessary; limited supplies of Lightning plugs, as well as its approval and manufacturing processes have slowed down their availability for consumers. Numerous manufacturers showed off new options at the 2013 CES, with most quoting availability in late January or early February. We’re going to continue to update this with additional options, as we’ve seen quite a few at CES.

uNu’s DX Protective Case for iPhone 5 ($80) will come in both black and white models, each with a 2300mAh battery built-in. It’s set up as a slider-style case, with a removable top and a Lightning plug integrated into the bottom portion of the sled.

iPhone 5 Battery Cases
Meridian iPhone 5 Battery Case ($90) from Lenmar looks pretty similar to uNu’s option. With a 2200mAh cell, it’ll be available in white and black, as well as metallic red.

iPhone 5 Battery Cases
One of the more distinctive options is ThirdRail’s Battery System for iPhone 5 ($100). Like the company’s early iPhone 4/4S unit, this one has a removable battery that snaps in place when needed, and can be stacked with others for extra power. The battery has been bumped up to 1650mAh.

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