MapiCases focuses on quality materials and handcrafted cases, and its 2013 CES presence centers on the look and feel of handcrafted Turkish leather, now on more recent devices. Among the more than 15 iPhone styles of iPhone case on display, MapiCases offers $30-$40 pouch cases for iPhone 5, and wallet and folio-style cases for $80 and up. New this year are an iPad mini case: at $120, it is incrementally cheaper than Mapi’s iPad lineup, but as noted in our February 2012 review, MapiCases are something you have to fall in love with on quality to avoid second-guessing the price.

MapiCases’ iPad mini case, shown in brown leather, next to the company’s full leather color and pattern selection.

MapiCases’ iPhone 5 pouch case, in black leather.

MapiCase’s iPad mini case, with a distinct “knot” stand. Cases are also available with the common cut-out insert mechanism.

MapiCases’ newer offerings at the 2013 CES.

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