Mobee Technology

Mac-focused developer Mobee Technology is using CES to expand its accessory collection to include iPhone, iPad, and iPod audio, charging, and induction charging accessories. Each of the inductive charging products can be powered by the company’s previously-released Magic Feet or Magic Charger, or used with a regular Micro-USB cord when necessary.

Magic Juice ($79) is a 5,200mAh backup battery/charging station that can be carried in a pocket. Mobee’s also working on a physically smaller 2,600mAh version, which may or may not be released.

Mobee Technology
Magic Link ($49) is an energy-saving wall adapter and illuminated cable for Apple mobile devices, showing you charging status through the cable’s glowing green color before turning off automatically to conserve power when your device is fully charger or unplugged — using an ingenious solution, Mobee’s wall adapter draws zero power when a device isn’t in need of anything. Magic Link also promises Lightning, Dock Connector, Mini-USB and Micro-USB compatibility.

Mobee Technology
Magic Tunes ($99) is a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Equipped with speakerphone functionality, it’s billed as the first “double wireless” speaker, capable of both wireless audio streaming and inductive wireless charging. The sound profile is similar to that of Jambox, with a casing made from aluminum and plastic.

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