Monster introduced a selection of new products at the 2013 CES, including updated versions of the iSport headphones, with new, swappable grilles. The Intensity headphones, with hooks that fit into the ear without going into the ear canal, now come in new color options. There’s also Katana, a wireless Bluetooth home speaker system that operates via StreamcastHD.

Monster has combined a selection of its connectors, cords, cleaners and organizational offerings into one, streamlined “essentials” line.

Among other items, an updated Clarity HD speaker promises higher-quality sound, with the ability to connect via Bluetooth.

The iSport headphones now come with swappable grilles in a variety of colors.

Other headphones include Intensity, with an inner-ear hook, as well as Inspiration and DNA headphones, which Monster calls the “good, better, best” of its offerings.

Not surprisingly, Monster also featured a variety of home speaker systems, HDMI cables and home theater offerings, including a van that had been outfitted with Monster sound systems.

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