Muvit is made up of sub-companies from Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands, a conglomerate that owns licenses including Custo, Kotha, Brigitte Bardot and Lamborghini. Branded folio, sleeve and shell cases range in price from $19 to $40.

Muvit’s booth included displays that showcased their variety of designs, with each side displaying one sub-brand’s offerings.

Among the licenses owned by Muvit are Lamborghini and Custo, two companies with international reputations.

The prices and target audiences varied by brand, though Muvit representatives said they try to keep quality consistent throughout.

Although most of Muvit’s offerings are iPhone cases, iPad and iPad mini cases were also on display at the booth.

Materials used also varied, though we saw plenty of treated faux leather in a variety of colors, most with contrast stitching.

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