Native Union

Native Union this year was showing off new and improved versions of its Gripster iPad case along with Switch, its new rechargeable, portable Bluetooth speaker.

Native Union’s 2013 International CES Booth.

Native Union
The Gripster Wrap ($70) adds an improved velcro strap to the traditional Gripster case, along with a six-piece folding front cover designed to fold up out of the way at the rear of the iPad, while still allowing a 360-degree rotation from the rear hand mount. The Gripster case is also available for $50 without the front cover. Available: February 2013.

Native Union
The new Gripster Type ($130) introduces a Bluetooth keyboard into the company’s Gripster case line, with a soft material design on the keyboard itself for comfortable wrist positioning along with full-deflection keys. Available: April 2013.

Native Union
Switch ($150) is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a somewhat unique design; it’s a soft rubber coated box slightly smaller than a milk carton, with a volume control on the top. The unit also includes support for charging a device via USB, a standard 3.5mm aux-in port, and 14 hours of rechargeable battery life. Switch will be available in February 2013 in five color options: black, white, red, slate, and blue.

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