Other World Computing (OWC)

Also known as Newer Technology, Other World Computing (OWC) is using the 2013 CES to show off a handful of products for iPhones and Macs, with some aimed at business customers; we’re focusing on those made for consumers. The collection includes an innovative new iPhone case, an updated home outlet replacement, and an attractive iMac mount.

OWC’s booth at the 2013 International CES.

Other World Computing (OWC)
Just announced, NuGuard KX ($50) is now available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. The differentiating feature is a shock absorbent gel coating on the back and around the sides, enabling it to meet military standards for protection. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and in eight color combinations.

Other World Computing (OWC)
Power2U ($15-$20) is the latest version of OWC’s home charging solution. Made to replace a standard set of wall outlets, it also has two USB ports, allowing you to charge iPads, iPhones, and iPods without the need for separate wall adapters. Updated from the original Power2U, it includes spring-loaded shutters over those ports for safety, allowing the device to be installed in new homes as well as swapped with existing units.

Other World Computing (OWC)
Compatible with several years’ worth of Cinema Displays, Thunderbolt Displays, and iMacs — although unfortunately not the most recent models of Apple’s desktops — NuMount Pivot Flexible Mount ($160+) is an eye-catcher. It has a high positionable neck, making it ideal for those who have specific positioning needs for their displays, or who just like the look. A channel on the underside makes it easy to organize and hide cables.

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