Primarily known these days for its shock- and drop-resistant iPhone cases, OtterBox offers options for most of Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices, with designs that range from truly waterproof to less substantially protective. Made solely from rubber and plastic, its cases are generally sold at a premium relative to other brands, and rivals have aggressively targeted its products in recent years with smaller, lighter alternatives. At this year’s CES, OtterBox showed off the Defender Ion Series battery case, the new Armor Series case for iPhone 4S and 5, and striking new 3D Commuter Series.

The Defender Ion Series for iPhone 4/4S ($130) and iPhone 5 combines a 1450mAh battery with a ruggedized rubber and hard plastic case that’s not terribly larger than a regular defender. An app accompanies the case, promising somehow to run in the background and manage the extra battery for optimal performance. It’s planned for release in the first half of this year.

A new version of Defender Series for the iPod touch 5G was also shown.

The 3D Commuter Series Case ($45) for iPhones features some striking and occasionally disturbing rear imagery, extruded into three dimensions. In addition to these, two other designs will be offered, including a grenade shape.

OtterBox’s new Armor Series ($100) for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 promises 6.6-foot waterproof and two tons of crushproof protection, amongst other ruggedizations. A metal latch opens the case, O-ring seals keep water out, and screen protection is built in. This is the most serious “throw anything at it” case OtterBox has made for an iPhone in years, possibly ever.

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