In late 2012, we covered a number of iPhone cases from PureGear, and were pleased by the consistent level of quality in both construction and design. At the 2013 CES, the company is expanding its lineup to include a very creative new series of cases, as well as Lightning cables and chargers.

PureGear’s booth at the 2013 International CES.

Available for $30 each, the Retro Game Case Line is made up of Amazeing, Groovy and Undecided. In addition to standard body protection, they all have different throwback analog games on the back, allowing users to navigate a ball bearing around a maze, for example.

Expanding out from its standard lineup, PureGear is also showing off a lineup of Lightning accessories. Car Charger with USB Port for iPhone 5 ($30) has a passthrough USB port for charging two devices at once, and can be purchased now. Wall Charger for iPhone 5 ($25) is a simple adapter with 1A power output, capable of charging new iPods as well. Standalone Lightning cables are also coming, although no price has been announced.

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