Specializing in boxy Bluetooth-capable stereo systems of various sizes, Soundfreaq won last year’s Overall Best of Show Award for its outstanding $100 Sound Kick speaker, which debuted at CES. This year, the company is debuting Sound Platform 2 ($150), a completely redesigned version of its very first speaker, now with a device-agnostic tray, a unique two-system streaming feature, twin USB device charging ports, and an optional rechargeable battery pack. It is also showing a Lightning version of its Sound Step speaker.

The impressive dual-unit streaming speaker Sound Platform 2 ($150) is featured in an extensive First Look; some additional news is that Soundfreaq will also occasionally offer two of the speakers in a set together for $250. An upcoming battery is targeted for $50, with battery life expected to reach seven hours normally, and five hours at full volume, without needing to crimp the unit’s powerful output capabilities.

Sound Step Lightning ($130) is an updated Lightning dock edition of Sound Step; we reviewed Sound Step Recharge in July 2011.

Sound Step Lightning’s connector includes a raised platform just below the connector, which we’re beginning to see on other Lightning speakers at CES. It looks like currently tailored iPhone 5 cases are going to have problems fitting Lightning docks.

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