SuperTooth is known for wireless speakerphone systems, including models for desktop and visor-mounted car use. Their CES 2013 booth showed off small but notable improvements to their speakers.

The SuperTooth booth at CES 2013, with colorful Disco speakers prominently displayed.

The Disco Twin ($199 per pair) speakers offer stereo surround sound and Bluetooth 3 connectivity. The speakers are nearly identical to SuperTooth’s Disco 2 speakers, but without the colors and, obviously, sold in pairs. SuperTooth pulled the original Disco 2’s promised stereo streaming feature at the last minute before release.

An iPad flanked by Disco Twin speakers at SuperTooth’s CES booth

The upgrade to the highly recommended SuperTooth HD, the SuperTooth HD Voice, switched up features and dropped its price a bit. Previously offered with an integrated text messaging and email feature that was unique but expensive — with subsequent recurring charges — the new SuperTooth HD Voice is $79, supports 12 languages for commands, and slightly changed in design. A SuperTooth representative said SuperTooth determined that customers weren’t as interested in the email and text response service touted in the original unit, hence the dropping of the offering (and lowered price).

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