Relative Apple accessory newcomer Tylt is on hand at CES showing off many of its new and recent products. In addition to an updated version of the cables we saw last year, Tylt showed iPhone 5 cases, with and without batteries, a Bluetooth wireless speaker, a battery pack with Lightning connector, and a recharging backpack with a serious battery.

Tylt’s brightly colored, eminently visible booth at CES 2013.

Tunz ($TBD) is the company’s first portable Bluetooth speaker, and its aesthetics borrow strongly from the rest of the product lineup. It comes with three interchangeable silicone bands of different colors, and can also power your device with its USB port.

Thankfully Bumpr ($TBD) is more protective than its name implies. The iPhone 5 case is composed of a hard plastic case, and two swappable rubber bumpers that fit around it, collectively offering rather significant protection.

Finally, Tylt teased Lightning versions of many of its charging accessories, including Band and Powerplant. Although they’re not available yet, these accessories should be out shortly at undisclosed prices. They maintain the same general form factor, different only in their connectors.

Tylt showed an Energi battery case at their CES booth, featuring a thin protective case that fits into a larger, minimally styled battery case.

Tylt’s Powerplant battery pack is small, black, and charges iPhone 5 and iPad mini with Lightning connectors.

  • Tylt
    Tylt’s battery backpack is notable for its raw power: a 10,200 miliAmp battery that can output 2.1 amps for iPad charging, and fit up to four cables.

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