Withings announced two new health and life monitoring devices at CES 2013, both designed to pair with your phone to tell you more about the state of your body. The newest entry in Withings’ line of Internet-connected scales, the Smart Body Analyzer ($150) measures long-term heart rate improvements and air quality, in addition to weight and body fat. It’s planned for a March release. A Smart Activity Tracker ($TBD) is a pocket-sized, 8-gram monitor that tracks steps taken, strides run, distance, calorie burn, and sleep quality, if kept on an armband overnight. It’s also due around March.

Withings’ booth at the 2013 CES.

Withings’ Smart Body Analyzer, a scale that tracks air quality, heart rate improvement, and body weight and mass.

Close-up of the screen on Withings’ Smart Body Analyzer (with some discoloration from bright CES lights).

Front view of Withings’ Smart Activity Tracker.

Rear view of Withings’ Smart Activity Tracker.

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