The makers of a successful and fully-funded Kickstarter project brought actual working models to CES, complete with packaging, pricing, and a near-term ship date. Xvida says its all-in-one iPad case, stand, and wall/car mount system, along with an aluminum desktop stand, will ship in February to Kickstarter backers and pre-orders. The basic Boomerang case, stand, and magnetic multi-mount unit that connects the Boomerang to a stand or magnetic surface will retail for $70, according to Xvida representatives. A wall-attaching “headrest” mount is $25, as is a car mount package that attaches to air vents. An eye-catching, single-piece machined aluminum stand for the Boomerang runs $70 and should also ship in February. An iPad mini version is in the works, Xvida representatives said.

The Boomerang iPad case, attached to its aluminum stand. Also visible (clockwise from bottom left) are an optional suction cup mount, a wall-mounted “headrest” mount, and, attached to the wall, the multi-mount connector.

A Boomerang iPad case mounted at a 65-degree desktop-friendly angle. The case mounts at two other angles: a 22-degree shallow table-top angle, and at 45 degrees.

The back of the Boomerang iPad case. The black “arms” are recycled plastic, the metal tips are compatible with Smart Covers, and the tilt and release mechanism is aluminum.

A Boomerang iPad case attached to a metal booth wall with the included multi-mount tool.

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