Best known for its clear film protectors, ZAGG announced a number of new audio products at the 2013 CES, including Origin, a new desktop/portable Bluetooth speaker system.

Akin to an earlier design we saw from Gear4, ZAGG’s Origin ($250) is a portable speaker with a rechargeable battery, uniquely capable of docking into a larger desktop speaker. Bluetooth-enabled, the speaker is slated for a spring release. Not pictured are the company’s iFrogz-branded Animatone Headphones ($25) — kid-friendly headphones with a parental volume control. Designs include ladybug, turtle, and snail headphones.

ZAGG also introduced its iFrogz-branded Caliber Advantage ($70) analog game controller for iPhone 5. It’s a case that fixes to the back of the phone and slides open to reveal two analog gamesticks, a directional pad, and four buttons. It will also be released for iPod touch, and it’s expected in the first half of 2013.

ZAGG’s Caliber Advantage for iPhone 5 as a case, with the gaming controller closed.

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