Dock, charger, and case maker blueLounge arrived at the 2013 CES with a handful of new products in tow—including Lightning accessories and a new stand.

blueLounge’s booth.

Saidoka ($30-$50) is an iPhone desk tray; lay your iPhone in it rather than standing it upright. Case compatibility is achieved with a removable rubber insert. The Dock Connector version is $20 less expensive than the Lightning one.

Kii ($30) is a key-shaped short USB cable that can be used to connect your iOS device to any standard USB port; pull the top off the stubby cable and you’ll find a Lightning or Dock Connector plug, depending on the version you buy.

MiniDock is an older accessory that converts a USB port into a sturdy Dock Connector charging cradle; the new Lightning version will be more expensive.

Mika ($30) is a simple but attractive aluminum and rubber stand that can hold an iPad or MacBook Air/Retina Pro upright.

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