Brookstone showed three products at the off-site event Digital Experience ahead of CES: the Perfect Drink scale, Tranquil Moments Bedside Speaker, and Tranquil Moments Baby. It also touted but didn’t show “i to i,” an accessory designed to bring your iPad or iPhone to eye level for use in video conferencing or personal video recording.

Perfect Drink ($70) is a package of an iOS-connected cocktail scale, app, shaker, two spouts, and iPad stand. The set lets you use on-hand ingredients to make drinks, providing both recipes and a calculator to scale recipes up for the specified number of people, measuring the current weight of the shaker full of liquid — including, if necessary, ice for frozen drinks.

Tranquil Moments is Brookstone’s family of ambient noise generators, and the company is offering the Bedside Speaker version with integrated Bluetooth for Apple device music streaming.

The Tranquil Moments Baby combines an ambient noise generator with a Wi-Fi baby camera. Pricing wasn’t immediately available.

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